The Palm Beach International Boat Show is a socially responsible, sustainably developed, and environmentally responsible event with various initiatives. 

Running our event provides us with opportunities to improve our environmental, social, and economic impact in Palm Beach County. We want to make our event more responsible and play a role in helping our market improve its own sustainability through connecting people with the networks and knowledge they need to solve big challenges in our sector.


Thanks to our partnership with Yacht Carbon Offset we have offset 1,000 tonnes CO2e, which represents the greenhouse gas emissions from 89,060 US Gallons of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (a contribution of the fuel consumed by all the vessels at the Show).

Our contributions will help fund the Chacayes Hydroelectric Project, a large-scale, run-of-river hydroelectric power scheme developed in the Alto Cachapoal Valley of the Andes Mountains. The project utilizes the hydrologic resources of the Cachapoal and Cipreses Rivers to generate power from two 56.5 MW turbines. Chacayes was the first in a series of five hydroelectric projects developed in Chile that added more than 600 MW of renewable energy capacity to Chile’s national grid. The project has contributed to a material reduction in the country’s reliance on fossil fuels and consequently to a reduction in carbon emissions.


Proof of the Pudding is the exclusive catering company of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and understands our commitment to running a responsible, sustainable event.

Catering involves various facets that can make sustainability a challenging goal to achieve; however, Proof of the pudding has been a committed partner in making this goal our reality. Their Culinary and Sales teams center on the fresh farm to plate fruits and vegetables, sustainable seafood, and natural organic meats. They partner with purveyors to use locally-sourced, organic, and sustainable products. Their "No Styrofoam" Policy prohibits the use of styrofoam packaging or service ware, which they replaced with fully compostable alternatives, like sugarcane, bamboo, and palm tree. Aside from sourcing ingredients and the packaging/silverware, a significant source of waste comes from non-consumed food and ingredients. We are proud to announce that we have donated 3,125 pounds worth of food and ingredients (equivalent to $15,635) to the homeless shelters in partnership with Faith Farms. 


Each year, we produce the Palm Beach International Boat Show on behalf of the Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County. Through a member of the association, we found out that the local Loggerhead Marinelife Center had a big problem.

The Center promotes the conservation of ocean ecosystems with a special focus on threatened and endangered turtles through research, rehabilitation, and educational programs. Due to renovations, the center needed somewhere to put the tanks with the turtles. When we heard about this, we realized we could help by loaning our unused marquees from the boat show. Our tech and transport teams volunteered over a weekend to move two truckloads of tents and build them at the Center. Our US boat shows have been supporting local communities in various ways for years, this project felt particularly close to our hearts because we all love the ocean and its ecosystem – it’s one of the reasons we’re in the business we’re in.