Florida boasts the most recreational fishing in the country, creating rising pressures on our fish – snapper and grouper are especially vulnerable. The Nature Conservancy’s “Deck to Depth” program collaborates with recreational anglers to help support healthy snapper and grouper stocks into the future. Today’s session
will feature several fisheries experts in a discussion of the state of the fishery and the importance of using a descending device as a best fishing
practice when releasing fish, and how data and knowledge that anglers can share will help to improve the long-term health of our fisheries, oceans, and
ocean-related economies.

Seminar Takeaways:

  • Snapper and Grouper play a critical role in the health of our marine ecosystems and are currently threatened by overfishing.
  • These fish are among the most prized catches along the coast of Florida, and recreational anglers can play a vital role in restoring and supporting a sustainable, healthy fishery by implementing best practices when releasing fish.
  • Using a descending device quickly returns fish safely to depth, helping to reverse barotrauma injuries, and support fish populations.

About David Moss:

David Moss is Fisheries Project Manager for The Nature Conservancy in Florida. David brings a passion for fishing and extensive knowledge of and dedication to fisheries conservation to his role. As the Fisheries Project Manager, David leads work focused on establishing sustainable fisheries, specifically for the snapper grouper complex, through projects that promote the use of descending devices to reduce barotrauma in released fish, and through efforts to improve “Citizen Science” data collection methods and recovery with the support of recreational anglers.

David is a lifelong recreational angler who has built relationships with the fishing community over many years along the coast of Florida. He works collaboratively with many partners and offers his expertise on the SnapperGrouper Advisory Panel for the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council, to foster sustainable fisheries in Florida and the South Atlantic. David’s previous experience includes lending his knowledge as a recreational angler to engage with legislators in Washington, D.C. in the discussion of the Magnuson-Stevens Act reauthorization. David is a native Floridian with absolute love and passion for the water and the fish within it.

This special event is free with your admission to PBIBS.



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