There has not been a more revolutionary individual in the world of inshore skiff building than Hal Chittum. An angler, entrepreneur, and revolutionary, Hal Chittum has turned the inshore skiff market upside down with his innovative skiff concepts that are designed solely to help you catch more fish. Don’t miss this opportunity to pick the brain of one of the most groundbreaking, intellectual, and controversial players in the fishing industry. 

Seminar Takeaways:

  • Boat design and performance
  • Shallow water/inshore fishing expertise
  • The relationship between boat design and angling success in shallow water

About Hal Chittum & George Sawley:

While many skiff builders have hung their hats (and hopes) on boats coined after hallowed fishing grounds, no flats skiff has ever lived up to the name Islamorada — one of the most celebrated and certainly daunting sight fishing destinations in the world. Leave it to legendary guide, boat builder, and entrepreneur Hal Chittum to go where no skiff builder has gone before, designing a flats skiff that eclipses everything that has come before it – Chittum skiffs. Learn from the best in the business about how revolutionary skiff design can not only get you to the fishing grounds faster and more comfortably, but also help you catch more fish. 

This special event is free with your admission to PBIBS.


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